to all psychotronic harrassment
perpetrators and agent provocateurs,
attempting to infiltrate Project Freedom

.............As you are well aware, you have been chosen by your controlling hierarchy for your psychopathic, terrorising, murdering, raping and paedophile "qualities".

You obviously do not realise that the hierarchy that you work for have lied to you extensively by telling you, you will always be "safe" and free from prosectuon etc, while commiting these atrocities against your fellow human beings.

This is not so.

This "war against society" that you are involved in will fail drastically and all perpetrators of these psychotronic attacks will eventually find themselves totally exposed.

As you are obviously only a pawn in this "war" you will be the first to be eliminated, if you continue your acts of terrorism, rape and murder.

You will though, be well aware that there are increasing numbers of people who are exposing to the public, the fact that they are survivors of electromagnetic torture, rape and attempted murder.

It is therefore only a matter of time before your acts of terrorism will be fully exposed to the masses of society.

You will then be brought to justice, either by the justice system, or by the masses themselves, in whatever way they deem fit.

Torturers, rapists and murderers are not respected in prison, and you may well find yourself living in a constant hell.

I now believe you have these three options:

1. Continue you acts of terrorism - and when the truth manifests itself to the masses of society you will find yourself in very long term imprisonment.

2. Stop your acts of terrorism now and when the truth manifests itself to society, you will still be held accountable for your acts of terrorism, and find yourself in long term imprisonment, although possibly to a lesser degree.

3. Stop your acts of terrorism now and expose the truth of your actions to the public. You will therefore not be held accountable and you will be free to live a normal life, unlike those whom you are presently torturing.

If you choose option 1 or 2 you will eventually, for the rest of your life, be "known" as a torturer/rapist/murderer.

If you choose option 3 you will be "known" for your courage in speaking your truth and helping save the lives of thousands of psychotronic victims.

The choice is yours.

If you choose option 3, I would be very pleased to meet with you to discuss what we can do together to stop this human rights abuse.

Yours sincerely

George Farqhar
Project Freedom

The so-called "power" that your controlling hierarchy wield is a total illusion.
The desire to manipulate and control others comes from a very deep inner fear, which is "self" destructive.
Real "power" comes from truth, which is "self" empowering.


Agent Provocateurs Mr Harmes and his accomplice "Aide"



Mr Harmes and his accomplice "Aide" came to my home town, Glastonbury, to "urgently" tell me of their experiences 3 days prior to the House of Commons protest.

During a 3-hour conversation between Mr "Harmes" and his accomplice, they bragged about how they had been manufacturing backstreet weapons and bomb-making equipment.

When eventually arrested by the authorities they were subsequently set free - without being charged!

I wonder why that would be then Mr Harmes and Mr Aide?

As our conversation came to a close, Mr Harmes offered me the opportunity to purchase weapons/guns of any discription and firepower that I may desire.

It is a well known tactic within the intelligence community that a good way to discredit someone exposing the truth is to incite him/her to express acts of violence.

Well Mr Harmes and Mr Aide, as you obviously have a deep inside knowledge of the use of electromagnetic weapons by government agencies against the general public, you will undoubtedly know that the character of the people employed for the use of these weapons are murderers, terrorists, rapists and paedophiles.

It is obviously clear to me that your "assignment" by attempting to infiltrate Project Freedom is to protect these people and their use of EM weapons against innocent members of the public. You are undoubtedly therefore bound to be murderers, terrorists, rapists or paedophiles yourselves.

Or maybe all of the above?

Either way Mr "Harmes" and Mr "Aide"

Your days will be numbered when the masses of society finally acknowledge your atrocities and deal with you accordingly. You will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide..Harmes

Extracts from letters sent to Project Freedom from Mr Harmes

.............We studied hard in the areas of philosophy and psychology as well as rigorous physical training. We soon found ourselves surrounded with firearms, bomb-making equipment, throwing knives and detailed instructions on the quiet execution of humans.

..............and we were arrested by the terrorist squad. As unbelievable as it may seem they caught us armed with small firearms but appeared to overlook the raw bomb-making chemicals as we had taken the precaution of storing them where they would most likely be found under normal conditions. Even more unbelievable than ignoring massive amounts of evidence they released us without fingerprinting or photographing us, and they even offered to return our illegal equipment. To this day, neither of us has a record.

.............I had a complete nervous breakdown, ten seconds later I was fine.

.............Oh yes, she was also an android from four centuries into the future where she lived with me.

.............when I found out that a person who lived in the same house as me had broken into my room. He was found dead two weeks later from unknown causes.

.............I have knowledge of all manner of weapons

.............I have an inordinately high tolerance to pain and can at once appear hugely striking or almost invisible.

.............A man I work with once described me as evil through to my black heart after I told a man who was rude to me without provocation that if he didn't watch his mouth I'd cut off his head and send it to his family in a bag.

............. Occasionally my temper still surfaces but oddly without the accompanying anger. I no longer use weapons after several years ago when a friend stopped me killing some young men who deliberately provoked me in a very public place.

..........P.S. Your protest is suicide, I beg you to reconsider. If I were them I would consider your actions a gift and would be killing myself laughing while my finger bore down on the button to irradiate you all.


  Jack Harmes."



To Injure
To hurt
To do moral wrong

(Longman, Modern English Dictionary)