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As promised last week, we are updating our readers as to recent events surrounding implant victim BRIAN WRONGE. Many have inquired about the progress, if any, of Wronge's efforts to obtain a measure of justice for the heinous crime committed against him.

THE CITY SUN was the nation's first publication to bring Wronge's case to the public in our cover story by this writer, titled: CHARGE OF HOLOCAUST: Medical Experiment on Black Inmate" (Dec. 15-21, 1993). Since that time, a few other publications out of state have covered the story. Also, Wronge has been interviewed by Marjorie Moore, Sean Ashton and Bernard White on WBAI radio, by the Rev. Del Shields and Donna Wilson on WWRL and also has guested on several radio programs outside of New York. In addition, Wronge has appeared on a Manhattan Cable television show.

Wronge was illegally implanted with paramagnetic computer chips in various parts of his body while a prisoner at Fishkill Correctional Facility. He believes the procedure was done when he entered a hospital for a diagnostic procedure. He emerged a human guinea pig.

In October 1987, he was taken to Bayley Seton Hospital in Staten Island for a bronchoscopy at the suggestion of prison doctors. Immediately upon awaking and for months afterward, he suspected that his body had somehow been tampered with by surgeons, including Dr. Vincent Tarantola, who now heads the hospital's pulmonary clinic.

Wronge's suspicions were verified when, after his release from prison, a CT scan and MRI performed at seperate diagnostic labs revealed the presence of "a paramagnetic foreign body artifact" under one arm and "dense rectangular-shaped metal foreign objects" in both inner ears. Subsequent examinations by physicians also corroborated these findings.

One physician told THE CITY SUN that an implant suspected to have been placed on Wronge's TRACHEA receives and transmits sound, including the high-pitched frequencies of his thoughts resonating on his voice box. "Remember that saying, 'You can't go to jail for what you think'? Well, not anymore, "the doctor said.

Though this type of technology has been used for legitimate purposes for some time now, its used for prisoners without their consent is a blatant violation of the civil and physical rights of citizens. A surgeon who viewed Wronge's x-rays said, "A prosthetic usually employed to replace a damaged element of the body. If he's never had a need for such a device, it should not be there, and certainly not without his knowledge."

Wronge's efforts to secure a lawyer have thus far been unsuccessful. There's been some dodging and dangling by a few attorneys, but as yet no commitment of legal representation. He has, however, filed suit against the federal government and was instructed to have a surgeon remove one or more of the implants for examination by court-appointed experts. He has been unable to obtain this assistance to date, though he has had at least one adventure in the attempt.

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