This is a reproduction of an April 6, 1996 letter
from John Gregory Lambros to a Brizilian law firm.

April 6, 1996

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
U.S.P. Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000
America Online:

Eduardo Carvalho Tess, Filho
Carvalho Tess, Figueira E Rubira Advogados
Rua Escocia, 316 Sao Paulo, SP
01450-000 - BRAZIL



Dear Mr. Tess:

Thank you for responding to Tom Gladson's, Past President of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #75 letter dated October 10, 1995, entitled WORLD-WIDE FIRMS URGED TO BOYCOTT BRAZILIAN LAW FIRMS DUE TO TORTURE & HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE.

On March 26, 1996, Vice President Jeffery R. Levering of the Vietnam Veterans of American, Chapter #75 responded to your February 5, 1996 letter after several discussions with chapter members. I as the members of Chapter #75 have excepted your letter as documentation as to your promise to meet the following three criteria as outlined in Tom Gladson's October 10, 1995 letter:

1. The law firm has a position paper condemning torture and other human-rights abuses.

2. The law firm does pro bono work in representing victims, local and foreign, of torture.

3. The law firm issues a written promise to assist all foreign business people arrested in Brazil, who appeal to the firm, and to notify the Brazilian Government in all such cases that the firm is monitoring the case, and will report to Amnesty International if claims of torture arise, and that if torture is claimed, that the firm will step in with complete representation of the victim, even if the case has criminal aspects.

As promised, I am instructing my internet service agent to delete your firms name from the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #75, letter dated October 10, 1995, entitled WORLD-WIDE FIRMS URGED TO BOYCOTT BRAZILIAN LAW FIRMS DUE TO TORTURE & HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES. Also I am having the following letters OCR and entered within my E-Mail releases and forthcoming Web Site:

1. Your February 5, 1996 letter to the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #75.

2. Jeffrey R. Levering, Vice President of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #75 letter to you dated March 26, 1996.

3. This April 6, 1996 letter.


Your February 5, 1996 letter states that you have a long record of activities in the human rights defense together with the Brazilian Bar Association. I have tried to correspond with the Orem Dos Advogados Do Brazil, Commissao De Direitos Humanos, Conselao Federal, Avenida W. No. 3 North, Quadra 516, Bloco B, Quarto Andar, 70770 - Brasilia - D.F. Brazil. Tel. 011-55-61223-4234 to no avail. They have never responded to one of my letters nor of letters of other U.S. citizens. I have enclosed my January 27, 1994 letter to the Ambassador of Brazil in Washington, D.C. Please note that the letter is certified and the only one who has corresponded with me is Jaime Wright, D.D., Caiza Postal 01-211, 29001 Victoria, ES., Brazil. As you may know Pastor Wright assisted in the translation of BRAZIL NUNCA MAIS, which is available in english as TORTURE IN BRAZIL. In fact, your Supreme Court in Brasilia, Brazil has never once responded to my numerous letters. May I suggest that you and the other attorneys in Sao Paulo inquire as to why and how they are spending your tax dollars. We would not be corresponding if the Brazilian Bar Association and the Supreme Court would respond to letters that are sent U.S. Certified Mail directly to the Ambassador of Brazil, USA in Washington, D.C. for forwarding.



Both Manuel Schwartz, Lions Club, District Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Salas 1001-1002, Copacabana, 195, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Augustin Soliva, Vice President of the International Association of Lions Clubs, Caixa Postal 224, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil 12201-970 have been of little assistance. Enclosed is the August 3, 1994 letter from Augustin Soliva to John G. Lambros. It is interesting to note that Mr. Soliva's alleged FRIEND who is active in the OAB has chosen to conceal the fact that a "DEPATTERNING CELL" exists within the Federal Police Station in Brasilia, Brazil that was built in the late 1960's with the assistance of the U.S. Army Corp's of Engineers.

After doing business with Manuel Schwartz and his son for almost two (2) years I learned the true side of the Schwartz family when they suggested that I hire NELIO ROBERTO SEIDL MACHADO, OAB/RJ (Brazilian Order of Attorneys', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) #23.532 and CARLOS ROBERTO SCHLESINGER, OAB/RJ, #30.054.

Both Machado and Schlesinger misstated the law and failed to research the law. In fact, they failed to let me have a hearing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while my family was visiting to secure my bail that was already approved by the U.S. and the Brazilian Supreme Court. It appears the only important issue was the money they would receive from the Lambros family so I wouldn't get tortured daily. My daily torture could of been eliminated if they would of read the extradition warrant that offered bail in which the Lambros family was prepared to post in the U.S. with a letter of credit. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that the "lack of diligence in obtaining a criminal defendant's pretrial release cannot be condoned."

Please forward information on the correct procedure in filing a formal complaint with the Brazilian Bar Association on both Machado and Schlesinger. Also the current addresses of:

Nelio Roberto Seidl Machado
Rua Anfilofio De Carvalho
29-SLS, 503/04/05
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Tel. (021) 210-1377
Fax. (021) 262-3764

Carlos Roberto Schlesinger
Schlesinger e Schettino, Advogados
Rua da Quitanda, 20/4 Andar
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Tel. (021) 224-0635 / 232-6193
Fax. (021) 222-3822

Thanking you for your February 5, 1996 letter to Chapter #75 and your continued enforcement of human rights in Brazil. Please request bi-weekly updated information from my American Online E-Mail address:

and I will notify you within thirty (30) days as to the opening of my Web Site on American Online which will contain background information as to my torture in Brazil and the current U.S. Senate inquiry.



John G. Lambros

c: Attorneys and U.S. Senators

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