This is a reproduction of a June 13, 1996 letter from
John Gregory Lambros to the Council on International Education Exchange.

June 13, 1996

John Gregory Lambros
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Dear Foreign Exchange Programs:

This letter is to advise you of the current dangers to students who are considering study abroad programs in BRAZIL. As representatives of a consortia of U.S. colleges that specialize in offering specialized programs to students seeking international exposure and experience to foster goodwill and knowledge between people I am requesting your agency to share my experience with those students and their parents who are considering sending their high school and college-age children abroad to BRAZIL.

Currently a hue and cry is being raised over the outrageous inhumane treatment of U.S. Citizen and Minnesota businessman, JOHN GREGORY LAMBROS. I was arrested on May 17, 1991, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, denied information and assistance in obtaining a copy of the arrest warrant and other related documents and denied a bail hearing. For nearly two months I languished in the Rio de Janeiro jail that reminds one of the middle ages in the conditions one must survive under. During this time I was refused the Brazilian Consitutional Right of being brought before a judge so I could post bail and forceably transferred to Brasilia, Brazil were I was subjected to "treatments" that the late Dr. Joseph Mengele, the infamous "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Nazi Germany would of been proud of.

During the next ten months I was forcefully implanted with brain control implants/Parametric Cavities and tortured. U.S. Government X-rays and various scans have confirmed that the foreign objects implanted in my skull and body are degenerating me daily. It is my understanding that the Brazilian Government has and may still be implanting citizens of Brazil and visitors without their permission for the purpose of control, extortion and industrial espionage.

I am requesting you and those clients that you represent to review the BOYCOTT BRAZIL Web site:

You will find 20 to 30 documents as to my torture and implantation with articles from the August and October 1995 PHOENIX LETTER by Dr. Antony Sutton, formerly Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace, UCLA and Stanford University regarding my torture and implantation. Dr. Sutton stated on page 6 of the August issue:

We suggest Mr. President that these cases are not government workers
who "make mistakes,"
they are tyrannical actions, which should be
brought to justice.
Forcible implant of persons under state
custody is not done in a free society.

Hopefully the above information will assist you and your clients as to the dangers that face a high school and college-age student in attending a school in Brazil.

May I suggest that you contact the following government and civic minded individuals regarding the risks in visiting BRAZIL:

  1. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President of Brazil.
  2. Ambassador of Brazil USA, 3006 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Washington, DC 20008.
  3. U.S. Senator Jesse Helms & Members of the Foreign Relations Committee, United States Senate, Dirksen Building, Room 403, Washington, DC 20510.
  4. General Counsel of the International Association of Lions, 300 - 22nd Street, Oak Brook, Illinois 60521-8842.
  5. Manuel Schwartz, Lions Club International, District Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Salas 1001-1002, Copacabana 195, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
  6. U.S. Assistant Attorney Douglas Ray Peterson, District of Minnesota, U.S. Courthouse, 110 South 4th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401.

It is unfortunate that a country such as Brazil that offers such diverse cultural opportunities still bows to slavery and torture.

Thanking you in advance for allowing me to open your mind to the dangers that face students and visitors in BRAZIL.



John Gregory Lambros


  1. May 20, 1996 letter from U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, North Carolina, to John Gregory Lambros.
  2. Copy of my Web site "Home Page".
  3. Three pages of Internet resourses to assist you in contacting Brazilians as to the acts of torture and implantation to Lambros and resources to contact media and universities globally if you choose to support my boycott campaign.

c: Posting within my Internet Web site.

Above mentioned individuals and attorneys

The address for the Boycott Brazil homepage is:

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