This is a reproduction of an November 20, 1996 letter from John Gregory Lambros
to the Federal District Court requesting subpoena of, and payment for,
expert witnesses to testify at the resentancing of Lambros.

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
USP Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000
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November 20, 1996


Room 748	                               Suite 500, Minnesota Bldg.

Warren E. Burger Federal Bldg.	               46 East 4th Street

316 North Robert Street	                       St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
U.S. Certified Mail No.P-192-018-678
U.S. vs. LAMBROS, FILE NO. 4-89-82

Dear Judge Renner & Attorney Ceisel:

I am requesting the Court to subpoena Dr. Kenneth J. Criqui, Jr. for the competency hearing in my resentencing.

As you both know, Dr. Criqui submitted the competency evaluation to Judge Murphy prior to my sentencing and met with Judge Murphy in her chambers regarding same.

Dr. Criqui has agreed to testify as to his findings and is requesting one (1) follow-up examination with John Gregory Lambros at least two (2) days before testifying.

An attorney friend of mine has been in contact with Dr. Criqui who is currently employed in California. It is also my understanding that Dr. Criqui's employer has been in contact with Warden Page True here at USP Leavenworth as to Dr. Criqui's testimony and scheduling for travel to Minnesota.

Please contact my attorney for the correct address of Dr. Criqui so this Court may issue a subpoena and funding for Dr. Criqui's travel and expenses to revisit Lambros and testify in front of this Court.

In Dr. Criqui's January 19, 1994 Competency Evaluation of John G. Lambros, Page 11, he stated to the Court:

c) Once you have gotten an x-ray that shows an artifact, (something structurally inappropriate) you tend to believe there is something there. When a second x-ray doesn't show what the first one did and you note that the intensity setting has been diminished, you wonder why and whether, were the intensity kept constant, the artifact would show up again.

d) What kind of thesis would define an artifact as "a piece of dust"? No dictionary does. With reference to page five, footnote three of the October 30, 1992, Order of Magistrate, Franklin C. Noel, had the footnote stated that dust can cause the appearance of an artifact, it would be considered accurate and fair. To begin by defining an artifact as lint, demonstrates absolute prejudice.

Page 8, Note 5:

... If there are no implants and Mr. Lambros doesn't believe there are, (a polygraph would demonstrate this) then he worked longer and harder at demonstrating the most easily refutable rationale for imcompetency one can imagine... He requested a polygraph while at FMC Rochester, but that request was denied.

Dr. Criqui's January 19, 1994, ADDENDUM TO COMPETENCY EVALUATION of John Gregory Lambros page 2 to Judge Murphy:

The government could not have done a better job of instilling fear and paranoia in Mr. Lambros had they hired a psychiatrist to plan this out. First, Mr. Lambros was sent to FMC Rochester. The first x-ray showed something, and while the second showed nothing, it is plain and evident that the second x-ray was taken at a different setting and is therefore quite invalid to compare to the first. How better to make the subject think that the government is just involved in "another one of its cover-ups"?

Mr. Lambros relates another interesting event. He was taken to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital by Marshals for testing by Dr. Minette. The Marshals sat in the control room while a CT Scan was taken. On the way back to the hospital, a Marshal told Mr. Lambros that the technician said they found something in his skull. Perhaps they did. But perhaps the Marshall was just having a little fun with Mr. Lambros.

Judge Renner, please review the docket sheet as to the affidavits I submitted from other inmates here at USP Leavenworth as to the conversation(s) I had with the Marshal(s) at the holding cells within the U.S. Marshals office within the Minneapolis, U.S. Courthouse regarding technician(s) statement at Abbott- Northwestern Hospital and there statement that something was in my skull.

Thanking both of you for your assistance in the subpoena of Dr. Kenneth J. Criqui for my competency evaluation hearing. Also, Attorney Charles Faulkner never issued the correct papers to the Courts to pay Dr. Criqui for his last evaluation which was paid for by the Lambros family. I have addressed this issue before to this Court to no avail.

Respectfully submitted,


John Gregory Lambros

c: Attorneys

Lambros family

Dr. Kenneth J. Criqui via Attorney

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