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Editor: Antony C. Sutton August 1995 Vol. 14, No. 8


Secretly the reality of a totally controlled society has been emplaced. While we were looking at political control, the technological mechanisms for a Big Brother state are being installed, secretly in the hope no one will notice.

Congress once again is at fault, it allowed vast billion dollar "black budgets" to escape oversight control. For decades, research and development on population control systems has been funded by a complacent Congress, and the Intelligence Committees in the House and Senate have allowed these systems to go operational. We are going to give you hard information and hard proof. This is not guesswork, it is reality. And Congress is to blame for lack of oversight.

Fortunately (for the United States), Sweden has applied these control systems overtly to entire segments of the population (in the U.S. apparently only selected individuals are under control.)

Our information comes from a Swedish researcher who has followed the Swedish system of people control i.e., the replacement of individual values, standards and beliefs by state authority.

Our Swedish source says, "We have (been led) out of the industrial society to enslavement in the Information Society" and "there are frightening developments concerning the use of data surveillance, known as biomedical telemetry, mind control, optical electronic surveillance and brain-computer interaction."

Then comes the clincher:

"The properties of this technology enable the monitoring of mental functions, thought, deed and associated cerebral neurophysiological changes as well as the manipulation of behavior, values and personality from limitless geographical distance."

These systems form the basis of the Information Society (so beloved by Newt Gingrich) and eliminate the power of the individual to make personal decisions. Maybe Newt Gingrich is not aware of this, but his emphasis on individuality is a fraud so long as control mechanisms exist to over ride individual values and decision making. (We are not accusing Gingrich, he may not know. We've spent a lifetime following these developments and only now can visualize the technology emerging.) These are black budget systems hidden from the public and ignored by the leadership in Congress.

Let's summarize the information we received from our Swedish source, then we can sketch development in the U.S.

Cyber is the science of control. It consists of transmission of electromagnetic wavelengths for cerebral radio communication. The subordinate technologies include brain-computer interfacing, data surveillance, mind control, biomedical telemetry, man-machine interaction, all designed to transmit the basic ideology of the Information Society. (That's why Gingrich's mentor Alvin Toffler says the Constitution is "out of date.")

Telemetry requires transmission of data not normally available i.e., your thoughts and plans. It is a two way communication system enabling remote control of individuals. (Official U.S. terminology-RNM or "remote neural monitoring.")

This (our source continues) is a global system. (Is that why we have hundreds of satellites up there?) It operates at the speed of light and over any distance.

The surveillance system is operated by implanted transmitters in the head or electrodes in the brain but also injectable microchips, substances or micro transmitters implanted in any part of the body.

These implantations take place "in unwitting patients" during hospital operations, in patients at psychiatric clinics. In Sweden all elderly persons are implanted when "taken into long term care" (ah ha, Clinton's universal health care!) and in all persons taken into police custody or in prison. Implants are also in the form of dental material and false teeth, and can be mixed into pharmacological products (i.e., medicine.)

Therefore, the Toffler school futurist's emphasis on nanotechnology--the devices are hardly seen in x-rays.

These implants are, up to now, inserted into persons under state control (i.e., mental patients, prisoners, elderly sick.) This program has been funded, developed and implemented in complete secrecy. Experience has been that when governments hide something, it's probably not to our benefit.

So how do the systems work?

The implant receives radio signals via satellites. These have known and specific effect on the brain. Many years of research on effects of radio signals on monkey and human behavior is in the open nonclassified literature. The black budgets have generated more advanced systems given the sophistication of the implants we know about.

The returned signals, from the individual brain through the satellite are processed by a central computer and the information presented on a screen to the controller. The technology has advanced to the stage where individual dreams or vision (i.e., mental picture) can be monitored on a three dimensional screen. So that as you read this and have a mental image of Big Brother at a screen this image in your mind can be (or is being) relayed back to a central processing facility.

U.S. Citizens Under Cyber Control

We have specific verifiable information that U.S. citizens are under electronic control. Whoever did this has violated the law, should be investigated and brought before a court of justice.

Research on these systems goes back to the early Cold War period and indeed the rationale may have been to use the technology for Cold War purposes. However, open (scientific) literature reporting goes back decades. A 1935 article in Yale Journal of Biological Medicine was, "Remote control of electrical stimulation of the nervous system" and by 1941 Science journal reported, "The first electrode implant."

In the next two decades research was focused on controlling action in animals, especially by JMR Delgado (working under CIA contract.) Delgado was a prolific worker in the field of human remote control. Sample articles have such titles as 1973 "Two way radio communication with the brain in psychosurgical patients."

1967 "Social rank and radio stimulated aggressiveness in monkeys." In 1969 Delgado published a book Physical Control of the Mind (Harper and Row.) Remember this is the OPEN literature.

Quietly in secret with black budget financing Delgado and other medical researchers were working on control systems for humans. From time to time information leaked out but was so mind boggling that only the supermarket tabloids would print i.e., National Enquirer (June 1976) "A mind reading machine by DARPA." (DARPA is the Pentagon advanced projects agency.)

Then the open literature discontinued reporting research. Today we can see what the black budget contracts have generated. An ability to track and control actions and thoughts for any individual world wide. ALL DONE IN SECRET WITH NO OVERSIGHT USING TAXPAYERS FUNDS and IGNORED BY CONGRESS.

What immediately comes to mind is whether the explosive rise in "random" killings over the past few years can be linked to these control programs? When killers complain they "hear voices" have the examining psychiatrists checked for implants? Or are the victims forced to be examined by government doctors? Surprisingly even today, as you read this, some (if not many) neurologists and doctors are convinced that this technology doesn't exist.

For example, on May 30, 1991, Commander Edward Higgins of the U.S. Navy was shot while waiting for a shuttle bus in the Pentagon parking lot. The accused killer was found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to the Federal Psychiatric Hospital at Springfield MO. Even the prosecutors agreed that accused Campbell claimed the U.S. Government had implanted a computer chip in his brain. (This Springfield facility turns up in numerous unsolved or covered up events i.e., the Omaha child abuse case, the Oklahoma City bombing. No one in Congress has bothered to ask what are they doing at the Springfield facility?)

Let's be specific. Here are two cases of provable forced implants inserted by U.S. Government agents, illegally and denied by U.S. Government agencies. Both cases refer to prisoners in federal jails (one now released.) Prisoners are notorious for scams designed to get early release. Therefore, we have confined our report to extracts from independent doctor's reports. We have not included the prisoners from the argument and so remove any possibility of self-serving information.

CASE NO. 1 BRAIN WRANGE (Reported in The City Sun, Brooklyn, December 21, 1993.)

Photo in the article suggests foreign object in Wrange's head. Examined by Dr. Albert O. Duncan a physician who sent Wrange to Diagnostic Imaging Associates in Brooklyn.

"MRI of the chest was performed. These images reveal the presence of a paramagnetic foreign body artifact noted in the region of the left anterior chest wall at the level of the axilla."

Wrange then consulted neurologist Dr. Jayesh Kamdar in Manhattan and was referred to MRI-CT Scanning Inc. for another examination. Report reads

"The bilateral external auditory canals demonstrate dense rectangular shaped metal foreign objects. The etiology of this finding is uncertain. Clinical correlation is suggested."

Wrange then went to Rev. Phil Valentine who arranged further examination by an anatomist (who wishes to remain anonymous.) Report reads:

"a flat metallic object like a computer chip covering a portion of his eardrum." When asked the purpose the doctor replied, "to pick up and transmit sound. With a device in that location one could hear what is said to a person and have them hear what you might say to them." "There are certain sinuses in the bone, grooves where something is implanted in the maxillary area."

In the Wrange case we have three independent specialists arrive at the same conclusion. Someone with medical expertise implanted Wrange with electronic devices for communication and control.

Whoever did this is guilty of moral and legal offenses. Mr. Wrange has been severely wronged by agents of the U.S. Government.


Serving life sentence in Leavenworth for drug smuggling. We reproduce below extract from a radiological report on Lambros. It states clearly

"clusters of punctate radiopaque foreign bodies" (Each object is about 1 millimeter in diameter.) (See Figure 1)

Then the radiologist Dr. William C. Wells makes an extraordinary and unethical recommendation, " repeat a lateral view to further exclude a foreign body."

However, in the request to Dr. Wells, the original purpose of the x-ray is to locate "foreign bodies."

This doctor finds evidence of "foreign bodies" and then suggests another x-ray to eliminate the evidence. (This is easily done by reducing the intensity.)

Dr. Wells requests suppression of evidence!

(We have copy of the second x-ray. To be published in a coming issued. Notably it is UNSIGNED by the second radiologist!)

FIGURE ONE: Radiological report on JOHN LAMBROS
(Reports clusters of "punctate radiopaque foreign bodies.")


This report was examined and confirmed by Glen E. Nichols, a psychological researcher in California. (See Figure 2)

The report and x-rays were sent to Swedish researchers who concluded

"Examination of radiograph 7/17 give us good reason to believe that a transmitter has been inserted in John Lambros and is attached to the frontal lobes." (See Figure 3)

Once again three independent sources verify the existence of an implant, inserted by force, illegally.

In the Lambros case, the illegal assault is magnified. A U.S. District Judge in Minneapolis refused to consider the evidence above but accepted nonsense evidence from the government to retain Lambros in jail. The judge was later promoted to the Appeals Court!

These are extremely serious cases implicating the U.S. Bureau of Prisons in the Wrange case and the CIA and DEA in the Lambros case. The federal court system is implicated in both cases for refusal to review the cases impartially.

Especially troubling is a decision by U.S. District Judge Diane Murphy in Minneapolis District Court earlier in 1995 which entirely disregarded the evidence, refused to allow an independent medical examination and overlooked errors by Lambros' attorney.

We have a letter from an independent outside attorney not representing Lambros who states that, "my conclusion was that the appointed attorney was in fact working hand in hand with the prosecution."

Here is the basis of our concern. A 'foreign body" is in Lambros head. In medical terminology this is an "artifact." Lambros says it was implanted by force. Any citizen, be they government official, attorney, doctor or layman should be horrified by forcible implants and demand it be removed and the operators brought to trial. Instead we have cover-up.


In comparison to the previous report published on the radiographic cranial examination of Mr. John Lambros, the present report including radiographs numbered 7/17 and 7/27, will discuss additonal opinions on what can be identified and what would most likely appear in the pictures if they were of normal quality. We can find no other explanation for the very poor exposure other than it was a deliberate act to hide the facts. The pictures are wrongly exposed and would normally never be accepted as the basis of a radiological examination. However, despite this, there is a great deal that we can establish.

Examination of radiograph 7/17 give us good reason to believe that a transmitter has been inserted in John Lambros sinus and is attached to the frontal lobes. This area is marked with three arrows in the radiograph. In this area can be seen certain faint shadowy formations which correspond to the shape of the transmitter as we know it from previous studies of implanted transmitters. This area is also in a direct line from the opening of the nasal passages. Moreover, in the frontal lobes, just above the previously mentioned area there are large dark spots which have been caused by oxygen deficiency. This area has also been marked with an arrow in the radiograph. Reduced oxygen balance is a normal consequence of radiowaves penetration of biological tissue through the heat-energy and dehydrating effect of the electromagnetic energies. Oxygen deficiency can also cause a change in physiological conditions and has a detrimental effect of health.

Finally we can also verify the appearance of what the U.S. doctors refer to as: "... Clusters of punctate radiopaque foreign bodies." These objects have absolutely no natural origin and are most probably some kind of transmitters. These foreign bodies are also visible in radiograph 7/17 and have been marked with an arrow. It also seems natural to suppose that these objects are the cause of the problem Mr Lambros has at the right side of his face, which we can see from the enclosed photograph as swollen and which also causes him pain judging by what has been referred to us. We would like to recommend that Mr. Lambros undergo a new radiological examination of his skull.


Stockholm, February 21, 1995


Judge Murphy, along with the prosecutor and the defense attorney, accepted the testimony of an "expert witness" that the implants were an "artifact" and "artifact means dust." This conclusion is so patently false that we suggest a conspiracy to keep Lambros in jail and denied medical attention. This case alone demands investigation by independent medical examiners and attorneys.

Recently Mr. Clinton, in a campaign speech, made a comment, "How dare you suggest that we, the freest nation on earth live in tyranny."

We suggest Mr. President that these cases are not government workers who "make mistakes," they are tyrannical actions, which should be brought to justice. Forcible implant of persons under state custody is not done in a free society.

The above report is the first in the United States newsletter industry, which usually runs 2-5 years ahead of the kept establishment media. Please reproduce and pass along to independent newspapers, 60 Minutes, ACLU, the TV news magazines, Christian Broadcast Network (Pat Robertson) and the Bar Association.

Response of Public Servants to the Above:

As usual, "public servants" (feeding at the public trough) DO NOTHING until forced by public pressure:

U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone (Minnesota) and his aide William Buckingham have files. NO RESPONSE.

Foreman of the Federal Grand Jury in Kansas City, Kansas has a file. NO RESPONSE.

American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois has a file. NO RESPONSE.

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