The Computer Brain Report

We have a collated material to form a comprehensive source to anyone who wants further Information about this very important subject. The complete document entitled The Computer Brain Report consists of a total of about 800 pages divided into 9 different sections.

Part I consists of our own 10 manuscripts totaling 180 pages.

Brain Computer Communication or When the State Rapes - 50.
Cybergods - 30 - As well In Swedish language. Download the pdf version of CYBERGODS
Brain Transmitters - 22.
28 Years In State Service - 15 - A victims story, as well In Swedish.
Pure Cyber Space - 10 - about the electro-magnetic Information-net. as well in Swedish.
Electrodes, Patients and Dr. Tord Skoog - 10 - also available In Swedish.
Looking Into Mind Control - 25 - A Gallery of Pictures.
Electromagnetlc Battles - 15 - As well In Swedish.
Newborn Babies too - 5 - a story from Sacks Children Hospital. In Swedish as well.
It Happened at Sundsvalls Hospital - 6 - a victims story. Also In Swedish.

Part 2 consists of extracts from translations of Official Swedish State Reports, articles, and Swedish books which discuss the use of the technique - about 15 pages.

Part 3, which is about 100 pages long, consists of papers published in the USA and England, as well as extracts of books from the USA.

Part 4 Is a selection of about 20 newspaper articles published in the USA.

Part 5 Is made up of documents. writings, and public resolutions concerning the use of the technology in the USA and Sweden, and is about 60 pages long.

Part 6 contains almost 200 pages of 40 medical research reports about the technique, its potential, research projects, as well as the pathogenic consequences of the electromagnetic information net, ELF-fields and radio-frequencies.

Part 7, which is about 200 pages long, consists of affidavits i. e. sworn statements made to court and which have an official document status made by prisoners in the USA, in particular from Utah State Prison, which tell of the torture they suffer through the neuro-electronic systems.

Part 8 consists of articles and information which prove that all the EU's cattle and pets, will have, before the end of 1995, been linked up to a corresponding information-system. There is also material about the possibilities of research and control via the technique, and something about which wavelengths are going to be employed. About 10 pages.

The last part consists of a 40-page bibliography containing apx. 1,000 titles and medical research reports concerning the topic.

The Swedish version also has certain chapters which cover more than the English one.

There is also an edited version of The Computer Brain Report available, about 150 pages long, which contains selections from each chapter. Some parts can also be ordered, and certain of our own documents can be purchased.

There are also about 2000-3000 pages of raw material in both Swedish and English which consists of copies of books, state reports, case studies, articles, audio and video tapes, etc. This material is contained in approx. 40 files and is available for anyone within the media who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.

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