This is a reproduction of a January 7, 1996 letter from John Gregory Lambros
to Robert Naeslund, implant researcher and former victim.

April 19, 1995

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
U.S.P. Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000

Slipgatan 12
Tel. 46-8-669-33-82
Fax. 46-8-668-60-66

Dear Robert:

Thank you very much for the February 21, 1995 RADIOGRAPHICAL REPORT. Please note that I submitted same within my April 11, 1995 MOTION OF NEWLY DISCOVERED INFORMATION TO BE CONSIDERED WITHIN PRO SE SUPPLEMENTAL BRIEF and attached BP-8, ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDY, April 3, 1995. I also submitted same to the KANSAS PSYCHIATRIC SOCIETY, AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION and AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION in my April 12, 1995 letter. Your name was never mentioned. The Brazilians have been banging my brains out more and giving me sharp pains to my back, face and head. I can feel that death is near.

The PHANTOM MIND RAPE comic is great. Some people will read the damn comic book and relate before they will take the time to read other information I have. I will try to place it on the Internet and other BBS this month and refer to my file at MOTS LIBRARY. Have you contacted MOTS Library to date? They will open a file for you and place your information online for free.

An attorney will be sending Dr. A. Victorian copy of my x-rays this week as he has agreed to review same with other Doctors. I have run across his name in publication such as MUFON and it appears he is very well known in the international intelligence field. He also stated you know each other. Do you have any background on Victorian you can share.

Thanks for the post card from Paris. What position did you finish in the marathon.

Enclosed for your review and file are the following documents:

1. April 17, 1995, Lambros letter to Michael T. Doran without exhibits. Doran wrote to Dr. Delgado requesting he sign an affidavit as to his involvement in mind control experiments and it was returned. Delgado sure enjoys writing about his experiments but when one of the victums requests verification of mind control experiments for the courts the asshole won't reply. Doran also send an affidavit to Dr. Plotnick. I haven't heard if Plotnick replied to date. I placed Plotnick on my telephone list last week and will try calling him myself.

2. April 17, 1995, Lambros letter to Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and Verig Airlines with my April 12, 1995 letter to the Kansas Psychiatric Society, American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association.

3. April 12, 1995 Lambros letter to the Kansas Psychiatric Assoc., American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Assoc. To date none to the three organizations/associations have responded to me.

4. April 10, 1995, Lambros BP-8, ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDY, Rejection/ Denial to mail Correspondence that was typed.

5. April 11, 1995 Lambros Motion of Newly Discovered Information to be considered within Pro se Supplemental Brief of Lambros to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

6. April 10, 1995, article by Ron Simmat, prisoner at U.S.P. Leavenworth entitled AN OPINION OF JOHN LAMBROS, A MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE CONTROLLED BY BRAIN IMPLANTS, 7 pages. Ron has been incarcerated 30 years and appears to be very well read. Your thoughts. The article is for publication if you wish.

7. April 8, 1995, Lambros letter to the Federal Communication commission requesting actions taken by the FCC as per Title 47 §154 et al. Title 47 §154 states they are suppose to report my complaints to Congress. I have ordered a $20 software program that lists all the fax numbers of every congressman and will start sending faxes to everyone of them within the next 30 days if they don't start doing there job.

8. April 4, 1995, Lambros letter to Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and Verig Airlines with my April 3, 1995 BP-8, ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDY. They will never be able to say I didn't offer information. Even if the Supreme Court rejects my Writ of Cert. I can refile and pay the filing fee and get one more bite at the apple.

9. March 29, 1995, Labros letter to Luther D. Thomas, Clerk of Court Atlanta, Georgia requesting address and telephone number to Michael A. Nelson. Attached is page 583 in NELSON vs. DOE, 159 F.R.D. 583 (N.D. Ga. 1995). I thought it might be interesting to contact Nelson for background information on the CIA.

10. March 24, 1995, Lambros letter to Maitefa Angaza. I spoke to Angaza on Friday April 14, 1995 and she stated she would send me both her original article on Brain Wronge and her follow-up article. She also stated that Wronge spoke last saturday night at a junior college about his implants with an author of some CIA publication. I asked a friend to follow-up with a fax. May I suggest that you contact her as she is in very close contact with Wronge and journalist may be more open with each other.

11. March 12, 1995, Lambros letter to Professor Roy S. Malpass. Please notice his background: American Psychological Association (experimental psycholgy), American Psychology Assoc. (law society), International Association of Applied Psycholgy, Division of Psycholgy and Law (founding president) and International Assoc. for Cross-Cultural Psychology, President-Elect. To date Malpass has not responded.

12. Professor Edward J. Imwinkelried article in the March 1995, Champion Magazine "THE MEANING OF "FACTS OR DATA" IN FEDERAL RULE OF EVIDENCE 703". This article helped me understand exact verbage as to qualify scientific Evidence. I wrote Professor Imwinkelried this week and requested his assistance in drafting my complaints so the Courts won't dismiss them.

13. March 2, 1995, Lambros letter to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). To date no response. Great organization.

14. March 2, 1995, Lambros letter to Glen Nichols, thanking him for BIOTELEMETRY BRAIN IMPLANTS release and diagram.

15. Brochure from CIABASE. CIABASE, P.O. Box 5022, Herndon, Virginia 22070. I will subpoena the database when the time is correct.

16. COVERT ACTION QUARTERLY, 1500 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. #732, Washington, D.C. 20005.- Listing of past 52 back issues with short summary of each.

17. A short review of COMMERCIAL LIENS by Alfred Adask of the AntiShyster P.O. Box 540786, Dallas, Texas 75354-0786. I just requested my mother to order the new COMMERCIAL LIENS II book as I plan on raising some big hell within the next 30 days. I may even end up in the hold when I get the hang of using commercial liens to make the govt. start doing there job. A lien may be the only way to stop the govt. I also recommended Doran to consider same. Also attached is a short 1 page Commercial lien for your review. I'll keep you posted. I may even use the lien against BRAZIL and see what happens, not sure if it is possible.

Thank you again for the RADIOGRAPHICAL REPORT and I'll keep you posted. One last question how can I ensure the govt will not tamper with any forthcoming x-rays or MRI exams? I think I will use your document, Nichols and Dr. Victorians forthcoming to go straight to court. Are you interested in being called as a witness in my forthcoming HEARING in front of the Kansas Psychiatric Society and American Psychiatric Assoc.? Currently trying to get a "CHAT ROOM" within a Internet, American Online, CompuServe or Prodigy service. Any ideas.



John Gregory Lambros

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