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HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if your local town, city, municipality, county, and state purchasing agent was promoting trade with a third world country whose dictatorial regime, elections rigged in advanced by the country's generals, has a consistent record of horrible human rights violations including torture, murder of religious minorities, slavery, child labor law violations and mass implantation of brain control implants to control people.

BRAZIL has been under public review in a media education effort by the following:

THE GOD LOBBY, including the Christian Coalition, Southern Baptist Convention, and U.S. Catholic Conference, the Vatican's organizational arm in the United States, currently represented by Drew Christian, whose last name is actually Christiansen.

U.S. GOVERNMENT, including the U.S. Department of State official's, including Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat - who chairs the sanctions review team.

PROMINENT THINK TANKS, such as the Cato Institute, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Center for the Study of American Business.

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS, including Organization of American States, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Inter-American Institute on Human Rights, Lawyers Committee on Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Americas Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Amnesty International of the USA.

ECONOMIC SANCTIONS: We are all aware of the importance economic sanctions played in ending South Africa's apartheid regime. In fact, if you the public hadn't assisted in approving economic sanctions in South Africa, Nelson Mandela might still be in prison.

SELECTIVE PURCHASING ORDINANCES are currently being used and supported by citizens throughout the United States. At least 18 cities and counties from California to New York have enacted restrictive purchasing laws aimed at companies doing business in Myanmar. The Massachusetts Burma Law, signed into law on June 25, 1996, was enacted for the exclusive purpose of regulating commerce with the Union of Myanmar and pressuring Myanmar to alter its domestic policies. In fact, Senator Marion Walsh, urging her colleagues to pass the Massachusetts Burma Law, urged that the Law sent "a clear message that the government of Massachusetts will not do business with businesses that exploit and do business with the government in Burma . . . I offer, as one member of this body, that we recognize the responsibility and opportunity we have to send a very appropriate and simple message to be helpful for civil rights across the globe." Then - Governor William Weld again made clear that "[o]ne law passed by one state will not end the suffering and oppression of the people of Burma, but it is my hope that OTHER STATES AND THE CONGRESS will follow our example and make a stand for the cause of freedom and democracy around the world."

Please review the "FREE BURMA COALITION" web site for copies of SELECTIVE PURCHASING ORDINANCES used in Massachusetts and the other cities and counties throughout the USA. You may also write: The Free Burma Coalition, c/o Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin, 225 N. Mills Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706, Tel: 608-827-7734, Fax: 608-263-9992..

OPERATION: BOYCOTT BRAZIL IS REQUESTING YOU ASSISTANCE in contacting your local town, city, municipality, county, and state PURCHASING AGENT, requesting that they review purchasing lists as to products and services from BRAZIL:

A. Please request your PURCHASING AGENT to forward you a copy of all products and services they are purchasing from any person "DOING BUSINESS WITH BRAZIL." You may have to use a Freedom of Information Act request for this.

1. The definition of "DOING BUSINESS WITH BRAZIL" may include, "having any place of business in BRAZIL; being the majority-owned subsidiary of any company that does business in BRAZIL; providing any goods or services to the Brazilian government; and promoting the importation or sale of any products whose commerce is controlled by the Brazilian government."

B. Request that your PURCHASING AGENT include a VOLUNTARY DISCLAIMER within all future solicitations for bids on contracts that they obtain from the person seeking to provide those goods or services a statement "under the pains and penalties of perjury" detailing the nature and extent of that person's business ties with BRAZIL.

C. Inform your PURCHASING AGENT that you DO NOT want to interfere with procurements that are essential to the well-being of the community, so as to eliminate the only bid or offer, that would result in inadequate competition.

ACTION: Transform SPECTATORSHIP to PARTICIPATION in ending BRAZIL'S horrible human rights violations by reviewing the above listed BOYCOTT BRAZIL web sites and web sites of International Human Rights Groups, as to human rights violations in BRAZIL. Second, contact your local PURCHASING AGENTS and inform them of your findings and request them to follow the above stated operational theory. Third, inform your friends, neighbors, local organizations and educational institutions to participate in the BOYCOTT BRAZIL movement physically and morally.

Thanking you in advance for you time, consideration and efforts in the BOYCOTT OF BRAZIL.

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