This is a reproduction of a January 7, 1996 letter from
the Electronics Surveillence Project to the director of the FBI.

Association of National Secunty Alumni
Electronic Surveillance Project
Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625

May 13, 1995

Louis Freeh, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J.Edgar Hoover FBI Building
9th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue,
N.W. Washington, D.C. 20535

Dear Mr. Freeh:

This concerns your comments to the assembled members of a commencement exercise, reported by CNN this morning. During your address, you expressed befuddlement that so many Americans now tend to view the United States Government as an entity to be feared and its agents and employees, as "jack-booted thugs." I am happy to hear that at least one official within the government has noticed that perhaps all is not well within our United States; i.e., without having to cap off that observation with a frenetic demand for still greater police powers.

President Clinton's suggestion that the best response to the Oklahoma Bombing is to invest the military with domestic police powers and to reinvent COINTELPRO as a solution to domestic "terrorism" made me wonder if anyone in government remembered the Shah of Iran's response to growing public turbulence centering on the abuses of his SAVAK. Suffice it to say, we all know what happened in Iran. Mohammad Reza Shah really should have listened.

In the wake of the Oklahoma Bombing, the media have so far focused on the themes being espoused by allegedly-paranoid patriot groups and on such home-grown radicals as Linda Thompson. I note with amusement that our controlled media still refuses to touch the one subject which will be the basis for a major upheaval in this country if steps to terminate these activities are not taken. I am referring to the wide-spread and rapidly-expanding testing of so-called "less-than-lethal" directed-energy weapons, surveillance and neurocybernetics systems on U.S. citizens under involuntary circumstances.

The Electronic Surveillance Project is focused on these abuses. My efforts, as Director of this Project, are devoted to helping subjects of directed-energy terrorization to at least survive their respective ordeals. I and certain of my colleagues can furnish this assistance because we, too, happen to be targets of this type of harassment and experimentation. In this unique capacity, we have found that the extremely painfill effects produced by these assorted directed-energy systems can be blunted (though not obstructed), as can the effects produced by the quite vicious psychological operations which are standard in all of these operations.

Of the 200 or so who have contacted this Project for assistance to date, the majority had at some point contacted the FBI for assistance in ending the harassment and experimentation. The FBI and the Department of Justice invariably refused to intervene in any of these situations, taking the position that there are no laws which prohibit harassment and experimentation with directed-energy emittors, notwithstanding the clear human and civil rights abuses involved.

In routinely taking this position, the FBI and Department of Justice have become complicit in these activities, which are now widely viewed as state-sponsored terrorism. I am writing you regarding this matter because I would like to know if, given your obvious capacity to listen, you are also inclined to do anything about this problem.

By way of further reference, I am enclosing copies of correspondence exchanged with President Clinton and of my two letters to Johnnie Cochran --the latter, so that you have a better idea of some of the effects which these systems can produce. You will note in these latter that I do not mince words where it concerns my perception of the government's role in these activities.

I should point out, in closing, that these operations have been successful in one respect; that is, in the radicalization of otherwise conservative, law-abiding citizens --myself and my family included. The vast majority of those persons who have contacted this Project for assistance are educated white-collar professionals whose lives, careers and families have been destroyed for no reason other than the fact that they seemed suited as individuals for experimentation in the name of "national security" under plausibly deniable circumstances.

The intent of this state-sponsored terrorization is to kill under long-term, torturous circumstances OR to create terrorists who will engage in mass murder to escape those circumstances. Terrorists do not always have to be motivated by their own political agendas or to be cognizant of the agendas of those compelling their acts of violence. I am sure you are aware that misfocused police powers will not resolve this problem, no matter how increased those powers might be.

Your advice as to how this overall situation might be resolved will be greatly appreciated. Please do not suggest that we take this up with our Congressmen. This has been attempted on many an occasion. The fear of reprisal is clearly an effective deterrent in our central seat of governrnent.

Please let us hear from you.


/Original Signed/

Electronic Surveillance Project


P. S. You might want to take a closer look at those marks on President Clinton's face. Those of us who have had extensive experience in this area tend to view those "discolorations" as resembling radio frequency burns. If they are, then someone is conveying a message to Mr. Clinton that he is in line-of-sight, which is not exactly healthy as long-term career prospects go. I have discussed this with S/A Tony Ramirez of the Secret Service. Mr. Ramirez is aware of this Project's pursuits.

cc: The Honorable William J. Clinton

cc: S/A Tony Ramirez, U.S. Secret Service

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