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The Boston chapter of PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (PHR) last month refused to examine or treat government implant victim Brian Wronge, against the protest of some of its members.

Wronge, a New York City resident, and former prisoner at Elmira and Arthur Kill correctional facilities from 1979 to 1989, was found positive for "paramagnetic metallic foreign bodies" in his head and chest in 1991 by both MRI and CT scan. The CT scan was performed by MRI-CT Scanning Inc. on May 6, 1991, and the MRI was performed three weeks later by Diagnostic Imaging Associates. Both labs are in New York City.

Further examination revealed miniature radios implanted in the membrane of Wronge's eardrums, according to a research biologist who examined Wronge with a OTOSCOPE. Use of such radio implants by CIA-funded experiments had been rumored since the 1960's, when individuals testified that institutes in UTAH had been using them on prisoners in that state without the victims' knowledge.

Requests through the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents on the UTAH experiments, to this date, have not been complied with.

A federal Eastern District Court Judge, Justice REENA RAGGI, has Wronge's lawsuit against the state of New York pending, instructing Wronge to find a surgeon to remove one of the implants. However, in the three years since the May 1991 lab reports, no surgeon would remove the implants, usually citing FBI RETALIATION as the reason.

In an effort to find Wronge a surgeon, his case was brought to the attention of PHR's BOSTON CHAPTER by one of its members three months ago. Although four prominent physicians supported the examination and pursuit-of Wronge's covert surgery, the PHR board, according to director ERIC STOVER, decided in a meeting in mid-June to refuse assistance to Wronge. Wronge had offered to finance his own trip to minimize any budgetary reason the group might claim.

There have been repeated requests for the minutes of this June meeting, but the group claims the minutes are still not ready. Despite several attempted interviews throughout July, neither the staff members nor the director would reveal details of the meeting's dialogue, nor reveal which of the board members were present. One staff member did say, "Everyone saw the information [the MRI and CT scan results]. It was well-discussed among all the staff and all the board members."

On July 21, a staff member stated, "No one here is allowed to speak with you. I was told to say that," mentioning that the director gave the silence order prior to a vacation.

The tense atmosphere at PHR following the Wronge denial was also evident among board members who refused to discuss details of the behind-the-scenes dialogue, although two of them revealed through various conversations that they were subjected to INTENSE CAMPAIGNING BY COLLEAGUES NOT TO SUPPORT PURSUIT OF THE ISSUE. Dr. CAROLA EISENBERG, vice president of PHR, was eager to help Wronge in late April but, in May, was discouraged from doing so after a conversation with STOVER.

The PHR decision was highly controversial, considering the group's documented statement of purpose - the basis on which it is supported by their large MEMBERSHIP. The statement includes the following mandates:

  1. To stop torture that is committed by a government;
  2. To investigate violations of humanitarian law and medical ethics in internal conflicts; and
  3. To prevent physician complicity in human rights abuses

Furthermore, the denial of help to Wronge follows an early 1994 opinion poll indicating that the group's membership wanted to use more of its resources to examine prisoners in the United States, strongly inferring that PHR was avoiding domestic issues.

Since PHR's inception in 1986, it repeatedly has rejected suggestions to address medical misconduct by government agencies. "We may have a case of a group that is not pursuing the very issues its membership is MAKING LARGE CONTRIBUTIONS to see rectified," said one member of the Boston group.

THE CITY SUN spoke with ERIC STOVER about Hutcheon's charges. "This request went to the board, and the board felt that given the workload and the numbers of cases requiring our attention around the world, that we would not commit our limited resources to this case. We feel that what the plaintiff needs to do is to go to any properly certified general practitioner to obtain help. This does not indicate a lack of caring on our part. We have a small staff and limited funding, and we have to look at each case individually and make a decision."

In response to Hutcheon's assertion that PHR does not address medical misconduct by U.S. government agencies, Stover said, "That's categorically and absolutely untrue." He cited a Syracuse, N.Y., prison case he says PHR investigated which resulted in a 60 Minutes story and the rectifying of the inhumane treatment. Stover said the organization has addressed numerous other domestic cases and also has worked on cases in Rwanda, Burundi, Mexico, Chile, Yugoslavia and other foreign countries.

Stover and the PHR secretary both disavowed knowledge of the opinion poll referred to by Hutcheon.

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