This is a reproduction of a June 6, 1996 letter from John Gregory Lambros
to U.S. Senator Jesse Helms.

June 6, 1996

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
USP Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000
Web site:
U.S. CERTIFIED MAIL NO. P-386-225-809

U.S. Senator Jesse Helms & Members
Of The Foreign Relations Committee
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510-3301

Dear Senator Helms:

Thank you so much for your letter dated May 20, 1996. I have sent copy to my family, Greek Church, attorney, and friends. To date, the Warden at USP Leavenworth has not received any type of communication from the "proper authorities" of the Bureau of Prisons so as to make some sort of attempt in stopping the daily torture and control that I receive from Brazil via radio telemetry due to the brain control implants that were forceably placed in me during U.S. extradition proceeding at the federal police station in Brasilia, Brazil.

Member of our Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #75, here at Leavenworth, would appreciate your assistance in forwarding information as to how we may propose the "BAN ON FUND-RAISING OR MATERIAL SUPPORT IN THE UNITED STATES FOR BRAZIL", members currently construe Brazil as an international terrorist organization. The above provision was part of the ANTI-TERRORISM BILL that was approved by the House and Senate on April 15, 1996.

Attached for your review and file is my May 27, 1996 motion to the U.S. District Court in Minnesota as to my re-sentencing in U.S. vs. LAMBROS, CR-4-89-82.

Also to date, U.S. Assistant Attorney Douglas Ray Peterson has not responded to my March 6, 1996 WRIT OF CERTIORARI as to the proof he withheld information and lied to the Courts as to my incarceration with Francesco Toscanino at the Federal Police Station in Brasilia, Brazil. You have copy of same within your files and the attached motion again details the events on page four (4). The Brazilian government has never once answered my almost one hundred (100) letters for assistance, which includes the President and the Ministers of the Brazilian Supreme Court of Brazil over the past five (5) years.

Thanking you and the members of the Foreign Relations Committee for your continued support in stopping my daily torture, control, brain washing, involuntary religious servitude, obstruction of justice and daily body degeneration due to the brain control implants that were forcibly implanted within me by the Brazilian Federal Police in Brasilia, Brazil. One last point of interest that was brought to my attention is the case of inmate Conan Wayne Hale, 20 years of age, incarcerated at Lane County, Oregon. USA Today had article in the May 10 & 24th, 1996 editions as to Roman Catholic official William Donohue of the National Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights outrage with prosecutor Doug Harcleroad taping of Hales' CONFESSION TO A PRIEST. Donohue stated "the sacrament of confession 'cannot be sacrificed on the altar of the courtroom, no matter how important". It is amazing that Brazil, a country of 83% catholics, allows the torture and forced implantation of humans so they live in a "CONFESSIONLESS SOCIETY."

Respectfully submitted,

John Gregory Lambros

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