This is a reproduction of a July 2, 1996 letter from John Gregory Lambros
to the Clerk of Federal District Court in Minnesota requesting an investigation.

July 2, 1996

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
USP Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000
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Lowell Lindquist, Calendar Clerk
Francis E. Dosal, District Clerk
Room 708
Warren E. Burger Federal Building
316 North Robert Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
U.S. Certified Mail No. P-076-327-512


COURT FILE NO. 4-89-82(05)

Dear Mr. Dosal & Lindquist:

On February 29, 1996, my attorney Colia F. Ceisel wrote you as to my continued request that my sentencing be delayed until after the United States Supreme Court has taken action on my Petition for Certiorari. Ceisel also stated that she personally spoke with U.S. Assistant Attorney Peterson and he had no objections to same. Thus Mr. Peterson is stating that he has never received NOTICE THAT MY PETITION FOR CERTIORARI WAS DENIED ON JANUARY 16, 1996.

On June 4, 1996, I received the attached letter from the OFFICE OF LAWYERS PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY, St. Paul, Minnesota as to the ETHICAL MISCONDUCT of U.S. Assistant Attorney Peterson in not advising my attorney Colia F. Ceisel as to the denial of my Petition for Certiorari. Eric T. Cooperstein stated that it is the responsibility of the COURT CLERK, not attorney Peterson to advise parties of the grant or denial of writ of certiorari.

Attached is my June 14, 1996, letter to William K. Suter, Clerk for the Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, D.C., requesting the exact date, procedure and any other ways U.S. Assistant Attorney Peterson was notified or may of been notified as to the denial of my writ of Certiorari in this case.

I am requesting your office to start an internal investigation as to the exact reasons why Attorney Colia F. Ceisel, U.S. Assistant Attorney Douglas Ray Peterson and myself did not receive notice that the Supreme Court of the United States denied John G. Lambros' writ of certiorari on January 16, 1996, as printed in the U.S. Supreme Court Report, 133 L Ed 2d page 744.

Also I am requesting that I be returned to the District of Minnesota for a hearing as to Competency and other hearings that I have requested before RE-SENTENCING. It is my understanding that Attorney Ceisel has been denied a TOTAL RELEASE OF ALL MEDICAL INFORMATION AND OPINIONS FROM THE BUREAU OF PRISONS. Also I am being denied the release of information that has been released by U.S. Senator Jesse Helms and the Foreign Relations Committee to the U.S. Bureau Of Prisons. Attached is copy of U.S. Senator Jesse Helms letter to me dated May 20, 1996.

So as to eliminate an ineffective assistance of counsel claim and gross violations by the U.S. attorneys office, which to date appear that Mr. Peterson may be on death row before long, and violations by U.S. Parole Officer Jay Meyer who is responsible for the preparation of my PSI so as to meet all requirements stated within RULE 32. Rule 32(bJ(2) states "The PSI must include any prior criminal record, and information about the defendant's 'characteristics, financial conditions, and circumstances affecting the defendant's behavior"'. Therefore, I am requesting you to forward copy of all correspondence your office has received in the above-entitled case to the U.S. Parole Office so they start preparing and investigating all relevant facts, interview persons and correct errors in my current PSI. I believe the U.S. Parole Office will request the Court to conduct an evidentiary hearing to develop additional relevant information as the information I have submitted to you to date by expert consultants and the U.S. Senate proves factual inaccuracy within the current PSI. Rule 32(b)(3)(A).

My daily torture continues due to the implants that were placed within me that brain washes and degenerates my body daily. Therefore, I am requesting that you expedite any proceedings needed so I may proceed with a psychiatric exam performed by the U.S. Government and a psychiatric exam and x-rays by a doctor(s) of my choice so as to expose the implants within me. Failure to grant a requested psychiatric exam may be an abuse of discretion, particularly if there is a question about competence. See Leach vs. U.S., 118 U.S. App. D.C. 197, 200-02, 334 F.2d 945, 948-51 (1964)(mental examination can be ordered under §24-106 or §24-301, relating to competence determination).

See Leach, at 950:

This plainly appears from House and Senate Reports on §4208(b):
The Federal judge has a heavy caseload, and the time and resourses available to him in the determination of sentences are extremely limited. He frequently does not get sufficient information from the prosecuting attorney, the defense attorney, the probation officer's presentence report, or the defendant himself to enable the court to formulate a sentence which is equitable both to the defendant and to the public. H.Rep. No. 1946, 85th Cong., 2d Sess. 6 (1958).

This observation and diagnosis would be extremely helpful to the court in making disposition in certain types of cases; particularly where a different medical, psychiatric, sex, or rehabilitative problem may be involved." S.Rep. No. 2013, 85th Cong., 2d Sess. 10, U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News, p. 3898 (1958).

If the Lambros family would of had the financial ability to pay the extortion that the Brazilian Federal Police continually wanted and the intellectual ability and power to expose the technology that was placed in me, the court would of been presented with the information needed to prove all facts regarding my torture and forced implantation at the first trial and sentencing. I am requesting your close monitoring and investigation of my case so as to expose the current "INVIDIOUS DISCRIMINATION" that exists.

May I suggest that you review Dr. Criqui's report to Judge Murphy and read Dr. Antony C. Sutton's, August 1995, PHOENIX LETTER. Dr. Sutton is formerly Hoover Institute of War Revolution and Peace, Stanford University and UCLA. Dr. Criqui's report is in my case file as is a copy of the PHOENIX LETTER. If it disappeared by chance you may request same from my E-Mail address and you should review the documents within my Web site and refer others to it.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention, action and response to this letter.



John Gregory Lambros

c: U.S. Senator Jesse Helms and the Foreign Relations Committee

Dr. Sutton

Greek Church

Attonrey Ceisel and U.S. Assistant Attorney Douglas Ray Peterson

Attorney Bailey, Robinson etc.

Lambros family

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