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Thank your for viewing Brazil Boycott.

With this site I have tried to present a comprehensive array of information on extradition, mind control, legal activities in my battles with the courts, and other resources for people who want to stay informed about topics relevant to their legal and civil rights.

Putting together the documents and updating this web site takes an extraordinary amount of time and also costs a lot of money. I am imprisoned and cannot make much money. My only source for paying costs associated with site updates and hosting is from people like you who find this site interesting and/or useful. I need and appreciate any help you can give.

Any amount will help a great deal--$10, $50, or whatever you feel you can give. All "tips" to the Boycott Brazil site go to legal research, maintenance of the site and hosting. You may use a credit card to make a donation securely with PayPal or send donations to the address at left.

Thank you!