This is a reproduction of an August 5, 1995 letter from John Gregory Lambros
to Julianne McKinney, direcor of the Electronic Surveillance Project.

August 5, 1995

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
U.S.P. Leavenworth
P.0. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000
U.S. CERTIFIED MAIL NO. Z-772-823-254

Julianne McKinney, Director
Electronic Surveillance Project
Association of National Security Alumni
P.O. Box 13625
Silver Spring, MD. 20911-3625
Tel. (301) 608-0143


Dear Ms. McKinney:

Thank you for your response to my March 5, 1995 letter and the insight which appears to be common knowledge, within certain groups, as to how the Brazilian Federal Police try to induce fear into the weak. My beliefs are the same and I am currently obstructing their activities and running up their expenses to the point that I am assisting any Brazilian that wants asylum in the U.S., as precedence was set about 18 months ago in San Francisco, to use my documents in any and all court proceedings in the world.

The Brazilians are obstructing my thoughts at this point in time so please bear with me as I play mental masturbation with the third world functional illiterates.

I have requested the FCC and the Bureau of Prisons to scan the U.S.P. Leavenworth to detect the energy source that is controlling me to no avail and will hopefully get an attorney to make such arrangements if the Eighth Circuit overturns my case.

In your June-July 1992, page 20, article MICROWAVE HARRASSMENT AND MINDCONTROL EXPERIMENTATION is your request for funding to support the electronic surveillance project thus I assume the project is not selfsufficient and you are closing up shop due to funding. Currently I have 6 civil matters in the courts and one of them will win. Please stay in touch with Orren and monitor my Internet address for updates.

So you understand the truth as to why the Brazilian Federal Police placed implants in me and drained my brain of my life and creative marketing ideas, it all stems from MONEY AND EXTORTION. I was requested to move to Brazil to structure the public shell of a pharmacuetical company which included financial logistics. The Federal Police were somehow involved prior to my entry into the company. My background is in commodities, futures, (passing the test with flying colors upon release from prison in 1983 and being denied a job by Cargil due to my background) stock broker and investment banking with an excellent overview into the U.S. and Canadian penny stock market. I also brought public the first off reservation gambling facility in Minnesota. I don't steal and don't like people who steal. Yes I have sold drugs in my life but only to responsible upper class individuals that parallel a drink to a toke. Prohibition of the 60's thru to 21st century.

Anyway we had contracted a noble prize judge chemist and psycopharmacoligist to insue quality. The design aspects of the molecular structure were still under legal advisement so as not to have problems with the Security and Exchange Commission and Canadian authorities. I was arrested due to a secret indictment from Minnesota and the Federal Police found it very convenient to steal the show. Contracts existed in Lebenon for distribution of the drug. My outside guess is that I lost over $50,000,000,000.00 due to the torture and suppression.

Also I was ready to start another company which would of gone public in the U.S. and Canada, export of roasted coffee. My family was in the coffee roasting business for over 40 years and in the office coffee and vending for over 13 years. I was only allowed to speak to my father twice while in Brazil and my attorneys would not even assist in letting me carry on business.

Dr. Sutton, Editor of the PHOENIX LETTER is currently assisting in getting groups to understand control implants with the hope of Congressional Hearings. An extensive article in the PHOENIX LETTER will appear this month using Brian Wrong and myself as examples. Copy will follow A.S.A.P.

My hope is to start boycotts and sanctions against Brazil as the depatterning cell was located in the Federal Police Station, Brasilia, Brazil. A fellow inmate who was past U.S. Army Rangers Intelligence taught the Brazilians how to use the depatterning cell and Implants and informed Attorney Ceisel of the fact that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the depatterning room as part of OPERATION CONDOR.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated and I would like you to maintain contact with my attorney if you are interested in consulting.

Thanklng you again for your assistance and requesting that you monitor my INTERNET box as I will do everything within the 20 to 30% I am able to function at to close down Brazil. Money is the only thing the assholes understand and as they say no money no honey. Brazil I'm coming.



John G. Lambros

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