This is a reproduction of an October 26, 1994 letter
from John Gregory Lambros to prison doctors.

October 26, 1994

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
U.S.P. Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000

Dr. D. Denny
Chief Psychologist
and Dr. J. Worley
Cronic Mentally Ill Coordinator
U.S.P. Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000


Dear Dr. Denny & Worley:

On 10/25/94, Dr. Worley interviewed John G. Lambros as per Dr. Stratmans request, at approximately 1:00 P.M., regarding bio-medical implants that torture Lambros daily. During the interview a third party spoke through Lambros to Dr. Worley, stating:

  1. They were a militarv entity;
  2. They control Lambros' total body, mind, thoughts & speech;
  3. They can't understand why a MRI exam has not been performed as per his treating physicans request to locate the bio- medical implants that exist in Lambros;
  4. Pending legal action will disclose the implants;
  5. They were going to take full responsibility for their part of the torture and control of Lambros as Lambros has been monitored and taped for over four (4) years, 24 hours a day;
  6. They were going to expose the U.S. Government for using this type of technology on Brazilians for political purposes;
  7. They will be counter-suing the U.S. Government and the Bureau of Prisons;
  8. They don't understand why the Bureau of Prisons or the U.S. Attorneys Office in Minnesota has not contacted Dr. Jose Delgado, Chairperson of the Autonmous University of Madrid Medical School, Spain to confirm the use of this type of technology and its use by both U.S. and Brazilian Military Intelligence Units. Lambros has continually offered this informaiton verbally and in written form via your BP-8, 9, 10 & 11 process and civil and legal litigation; and
  9. They also suggest that Dr. Worley contact Dr. Plotnick, past CIA & NASA employee who worked hand in hand with Dr. Delgado in the 1970's in the implanting of electrodes into humans that could monitor and control humans via a panel of three humans. This information was also given to both the U.S. Attorneys office, Judge Murphy and the Bureau of Prisons years ago.

Dr. Worley stated to me [Lambros] that he was not competent to access my problems and would set-up an appointment with the consulting psychiatrist. My question being why hasn't the consulting psychiatrist who interviewed me once before reviewed all material in possession of the Bureau of Prisons, as I suggested, contacted Dr. Minette my TREATING PHYSICAN PRIOR TO SENTENCING and recommended MRI testing? Cover-up? Also interesting is the fact that Dr. Worley stated that drugs may be needed to deal with my problem. Before an MRI exam is performed?

The third party also told Dr. Worley they failed to understand how any type of consulting could help Lambros when they controlled Lambros' total thought process when they choose to and asked the good doctor if he would like to psychoanalyze the individual that was currently speaking to him, so they could enter into a true professional mental masterbation session between professionals.

The following is a list of reading material that the third party strongly suggests that both Dr. Denny & Worley read prior to there session with ROBO CON LAMBROS: (you really do bore us with your lack of responsibility towards clients)

  1. THE BODY ELECTRIC by Robert Becker & Gary Selden;
  2. CROSS CURRENTS by Robert Becker (it picks up where the BODY ELECTRIC LEAVES OFF);
  3. CURRENTS OF DEATH by Paul Brodeur (Navy ELF project);
  4. THE ZAPPING OF AMRRICA by Paul Brodeur (Project Pandora & the military, the Moscow Wave Signal, mind control, the cover-up);
  5. THE BRAIN REVOLUTION by Marilyn Ferguson (Biofeedback, pain control, psychedelics, telepathy, MICROWAVE HEARING and ESB. Becker and Delgado are featured);
  6. TELEPATHY by Sybil Leek (Chapter titles include "You are a radio station", "Thoughtography", "Tiological Radio Experiments", "How to transmit and receive");
  7. THE CONTROL OF LIFE by Fred Warshofsky (addresses the confusing of humans via electronic signals);
  8. THE BRAIN CHANGERS by Maya Pines (remote brain control is given considerable coverage);
  9. THE MIND STEALERS by Samuel Chavkin (Behavior surgery, Prison guinea pigs, surveillance and brain control); and
  10. PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE BRAIN by Jose Delgado, M.D. (discusses his methods and attempts to justify human electrode implantation and REMOTE RADIO TRANSMITTERS).

Lambros and the third party would greatly appreciate if any consultant, agent or U.S. employee would review all past information that has been filed and entered into record with the U.S. Government or any of its agents prior to the next psychological examination.

Again, I, J.G. Lambros, request to have a MRI Exam to locate and remove the Bio-Medical implants that control him and torture him daily.



John G. Lambros

c: U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone

Greek Church

Lions International

U.S. Judge Johnson (District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.)


Dr. Minette, D.O., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lambros family

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